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Social aspects
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    Fur harvesting is one of the main factor of social stability in remote rural regions of the North, Siberia and the Far East is enormous. For some regions  it is  the only form of winter employment. About 55 thousand people are engaged in fur harvesting on a professional basis, by-job trappers approximately 25 thousand. Fur trade is an important form of extra earnings that helps to ensure an acceptable standard of living for their families. Taking into account family members, we have to say about 0.4 million people who economically depend of fur trade and trapping in rural regions.

    Russia is a multinational country and have 40 peoples on a legislative basis are ranked as small indigenous peoples. For 33 of them hunting and trapping is the basis of the traditional way of life. Also it is a  main source of income for living. Fur trading gave them opportunity to acquire everything necessary for life that they could not get in nature or do it themselves. For many of them, the fur trade is the basis of life now.

    Indigenous Peoples in Russia create communities - associations based on tribal, family, or territorial characteristics. Communities are created to ensure the maintenance of the traditional way of life of their members. These communities are legal entities and have the right to secure hunting grounds for them, on which they will be able to hunt in order to ensure their traditional lifestyle.

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