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Sable taking in Russia is strictly regulated by the current legislation and is subject to control of the Ministry of Natural Resources.


The territories where hunting is permitted are leased out for long periods of time. The owner of hunting lands is interested in preserving and increasing the number of animals, for which end the owner takes measures for improvement, additional forage, ensures observance of hunting regulations in its territory. In addition, the owner arranges head counting of animals and reporting to the Hunting Management Department.


Government agencies collect data and establish permitted quotas for each region for taking of certain animal species.


Prior to start of activities, every hunter shall obtain a registration and receive a ticket from the owner of hunting lands with an indication of the territory and the permission specifying the limit of taking.


The hunter is obliged to comply with the Hunting Regulations, a law valid throughout the whole territory of Russia and prohibiting capture in excess of the permitted limit, violation of the hunting time limits, as well as use of hunting tools prohibited in accordance with the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards for wild animals ratified by the Russian Federation. The persons guilty of violating this law shall bear administrative and criminal liability.