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Sable trapping in Russia is clearly regulated by the current legislation and is under the control of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation and its regional branches.

The number of the main species of fur animals in Russia is regularly monitored.

Russia follows the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards between Canada, European Union and Russia. The agreement provides the highest possible standards of animal welfare when using humane traps for 19 species of fur-bearing animals including sable.

In the Russian Federation, all legislative and regulatory frameworks have been created, and the Agreement has been implemented. A more general Federal Law "On Wildlife" and the branch law "On hunting ..." contain the necessary standards that are implemented through an appropriate ban in the Rules of Hunting. There is a ban on the use of uncertified traps and traps of inhumane type.

In 2017, the Russian Center for Certification of Traps was established on the basis of the state institution Centrohotkontrol. In July 2017, a memorandum was signed between Centrohotcontrol and the Canadian Fur Institute in the field of cooperation in the certification of humane traps. Work is underway to certify new models of humane traps.

Hunting and trapping territories are granted for long-term rent. The owner of the land is interested in preserving and increasing the number of animals. He conducts measures for improvement, feeding, monitoring and compliance with the rules of hunting in his territory. He counts the number of populations species and reports to the Hunting Administration.

For the production of a sable, each hunter is required to issue a license and to obtain only the allowed number of sables in accordance with the limit in this region.

Rules for trapping and hunting season are strictly controlled.

Compliance with the rules and timing of hunting, as well as bag limits in the regions are monitored by state hunting inspectors. If there are any violations hunters receive fines and even can get to criminal liability.

Sojuzpushnina keeps track that all goods coming to the auction have all the necessary documents and clear history. Each supplier should guaranty legality of goods and compliance with all requirements. This condition placed to all separate contracts. Each sable skin is supplied with an individual code for registration in the automated goods tracking system. This system makes it possible to determine the supplier of products, and veterinarian tags help to determine a region of trapping. Regularly auction hold regional meetings for feedback of Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards implementation.

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