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Russia has a very strong regulations for fur farming.  A lot of different rules and documents specify all types of norms for placement, construction, feed, health and so on. Including labor rules and minimum staff qualification.

 Hear  you can see main documents regulates fur farming in Russia.

 Norms of technological design fur and rabbit farms — is the huge document last updated in 2000 year. It fully describe placement of farm from roads, lakes, buildings, distance from sheds to houses. Plan of site including fencing, trees from wind side. Sizes for sheds and cages. Norms for food, water; Norms for staff for workspace.

 There is special document for pollution regulation and disposal of waste: Veterinary-sanitary rules of collection, disposal and destruction of biological waste. Started from 1995. Updated 2007.

 Another huge document is group of Sanitary rules including special one for fur farms.  Mainly it describe operational methods and requirements including minimum staff qualifications.

 Each farm regularly approved for standards by Veterinary Service. Russian farms should  have own veterinarian to satisfy requirements. He controls health and life of animals.


In 2018 Russian Fur Union and Moscow veterinary academy published Code of Practice for Russian farms. It was a science based work with regional requirements and gathered experience. The main part of this rules are refer to sable farms.

All Russian sable farms joined this principles. Also it was developed control procedures for certification program by independent third party.

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