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Taking care of furs

Being the owner of a fur-make is a sort of profession. Fur-coats and hats require no less care and attention than pets. And they need care not only during dressing but also during storage. Men and women of fashion who wish their makes to retain their original quality for a long time should take note of a few methods. The following advice will help your fur-makes not to lose their natural shine, thickness and saturation of colour for a long time.

  • The main advice - you should wear a fur-make as frequently as possible in a season not letting it suffocate on a hanger in a wardrobe. Winter sun and wind will only improve its appearance.

  • After you get home you should shake your fur-coat and hang it on a wide hanger, there should be free space around the fur-coat in order for the fur to “breathe”.

  • It's not worth panicking if your fur-make gets wet. Most kinds of fur are capable of coping with snow and fine raindrops. It has to be dried at room temperature, far from hot radiators and heating. Fur doesn't like heat. You can use a metal comb or stroke the fur by hand after drying.

  • You should be very careful when sitting down in furs. Try not to sit down on the same part of the fur-make to avoid typical crumpled spots. You also shouldn't wear a handbag on your shoulder: fur can not only be crumpled and lose its shine but can even be rubbed under the straps.

  • You shouldn't pour a lot of perfume on furs. It can spoil the parts of the fur to which it is applied. You shouldn't neglect this fact despite the fact that fur retains its scent for a long time.

  • Send your fur-make on summer vacation. Leave it to experts who will organize its correct storage. The best place for keeping fur-makes is a fur-refrigerator where it is maintained at the necessary temperature and humidity.

  • If you don't have the opportunity to leave your fur-make in the fur-refrigerator, you can organize fine vacations at home. Fur-coats should be kept in a dark place in special covers or wrapped in a cotton fabric but in no case in polyethylene. It is recommended that hats be kept in a box with a tight lid bottom down.

  • Furs feel very uncomfortable in high humidity therefore a storage place should be dry. Camphor absorbs moisture well. You can sew it up in a bag and put it under the clothing.

  • There's barely a fur-make that would wish to be moth-eaten. Use moth-repellant substances, dried orange-peel or tobacco leafs in order to protect furs from undesirable insects.

  • Don't make your furs suffocate in stuffy and dark covers for a long time. Sometimes they need ventilation: let them breathe fresh air from time to time.

  • Furs demand special cleaning. So, it is best to leave furs to a dry-cleaner's that is specializes in working with leather, suede and fur. If you want your fur-coat to serve you for a long time, you should clean it no less than once a year.

  • You can remove from small amounts of dirt at home. It's best to use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from fur-coats and hats.

  • Minor fur repairs can be conducted in the environment of the home. Don't wait until small problems grow into large ones. Small ruptures should be sewed up from the leather side, and fur has to be carefully combed on the part of the seam in order to bring back its correct direction.

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