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                Sojuzpushnina guaranty buyer that goods have clear history and was produced according to Russian Law and industry standards.

                Auction have registered trademark SOBOL by Sojuzpushnina. We have special labels for garments which is well known around the world. Since  206-th auction it was introduced new labels for best quality skins."Brilliant collection" - 4th and 5th silvery"Silvery style" - 2th and 3th silvery

                All our buyers can get special auction certificate verifying  that  sable skins which has been purchased from the Auction company Sojuzpushnina are Authentic, Original and Legal.

Sojuzpushnina guaranty that :

·         Farm sable skins were produced  with compliance of regional animal welfare standards

·         Wild sable skins were trapped  with compliance of existing hunting rules

and all skins were:

·         Inspected by authorized institutions of veterinary control

·         Labeled by unique auction's tags for traceability

·         Sorted and selected in accordance with auction's procedures

·         Provided by all necessary documents for goods turnover

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