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The turnover of raw skins in Russia is the subject of government control.

Special Veterinary department controls each step. First of all when trapper leaving hunting area he should got initial certificate and mark skins by special tag. He present license and permissions for hunting.. If trapper has no documents he could not  sell or ship skins. It is illegal. And in case of detecting skins will be destroyed.

Veterinary department controls all participant of goods turnover. Every supplier/collector each place of storage also farms should be registered and each shipment  should be accompanied by documents.

There are two different certification forms  for Local  and Export shipment.

Auction also controls skins turnover. Starting partnership with any supplier we check his history and documents. All main suppliers have been visited by our company. Each farm should join to code of practice. The wild skin dealer guaranty us legality of his goods.


Having two independent controls we have three different traceability systems.

First is veterinary tag. Each skin marked by special tag with identification number of department. This tag follow with goods till  dressing company. Having this number we can see the region of hunter or farm.

Second is Veterinarian certificate. It should be issued for any shipment of goods.  All document contain reference to previous one or trapper information in case of first issue. There is special information system for government control of all certificates.

And the last one is auction tag. Each sable skin have  unique barcode which contain all information about supplier/buyer/goods quality/price and so on.  

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