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Fur has come a long way from the primordial caves to the catwalks, from badly processed fur-pelts, saving from cold weather, to the elegant fur coats in haute couture collections. Throughout history fur has been used as a feature of women"s and men"s clothing and has been the symbol of taste and success, luxury and wealth. But, only in the second half of the 20th century fur began to win catwalks - it became an integral part of fashion. Fashion designers compete with each other in the way they use fur in their new collections for the up-coming cold seasons. Nowadays fur is used in everything: it"s not only fur-coats and hats, mantles and fur tippets, but also various decorations and trimmings, accessories, bags and shoes, which are made from furs; it is even used in the decoration of wallets and notebooks.

Fashion designers" perception of fur, its coloring and structure changes from season to season. As a consequence, with each season, some furs give way to others, the methods of fur processing also change, the colour range of furs changes, their combinations very. Though, undoubtedly, there are some timeless furs, forever fashionable even in their primitive form. Sable is the king of furs - it is always in fashion and stylish by its very nature.

The modern world is diverse and changeable. The fashion itself is also changeable and diverse. But nowadays it is stable in that the fur, which has taken world fashion scenes by storm, is not going to give up its strong positions.

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