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The pelt interest
At the only international fur auction in Russia, which finished last week in Saint-Petersburg, the joint stock company .Sojuzpushnina. sold pelts of the valuable varieties of animals for $10 million.
7 October 2004, 12:57 >>

Auctioneers have exchanged hammers for beetles
It"s quite possible that a dispute may arise over which profession can be considered to be the oldest, but there is no doubt which profession is the rarest. It"s the profession of the auctioneer. There are only two people conducting auctions in Saint-Petersburg.
7 October 2004, 12:53 >>

Farm's secret
The 2002-2003 fur-season was open at the auction of "Sojuzpushnina" which took place in Saint-Petersburg last weekend. Since pelt sales usually reach their peak in January, there was only a small quantity of Russian fur-farmers" production put up for sale.
7 October 2004, 11:08 >>

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