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Buying at Sojuzpushnina
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Dear customers! Welcome to Sojuzpushnina's auctions!

We hope, that the information, submitted here, will be useful to You.


Buying at Sojuzpushnina:

In subsection - the algorithm of purchase of fur raw skins on our auction, from registration as the buyer to delivery of the goods bought on the auction.


Visiting Sojuzpushnina:

Here You can fill the reservation form. Also the information under the order of hotels, tickets and auction services is given.

Private treaty:

Not auction fur skins are offered for sale from a warehouse in St. Petersburg within all calendar year. In subsection the current offer is submitted.

Grading system:

Information about grading system of Mink and Blue Fox.


The subsection is accessible only for the authorized users. Within one working day by inquiry you can receive the report about the goods bought on the auction and its transportation.

Customer Dept.

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