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Sojuzpushnina held its 166th International Fur Auction in St. Petersburg from 16 to 21 April 2005

Four hundred and eighty thousand wild and farm skins were offered. Two hundred and sixty registered visitors attended; bids were placed by 162 buyers from 16 countries, including Russia, Italy, the UK, Germany, the US, China, Japan, Greece, and others. Last year’s April auction attracted 219 visitors and 136 buyers from 13 countries.
Russian Sables 98% sold with very strong demand from all markets. 
Barguzinsky Sable 100% sold goods on average advancing a full 20% - Silvery merchandise advancing as much as 30% - Main buyers - Italy, Russia, Hong Kong , USA & Greece.
Yakutsky - 100% sold - Good up on average 20% - Italy Main buyer. 
Kamchatsky - Firm to last sale -  92% sold -Silvery merchandise up 5 to 10% - Buying spread.
Eniseysky - Firm to last sale - 82% sold.

Top lot of Barguzinsky was bought by "Moschos Furs Inc.", USA.

Of the 67,600 Mink skins auctioned, 88% sold on par with previous auctions. Female mink skins commanded the highest demand.Blue fox sold 65%. Blue silver fox garnered a rather limited audience and sold only 17%.
Fitch sold very well; of the 26,310 pelts offered, 99.5% found their buyers. The fox collection attracted much bidder activity with red fox selling 78%, silver fox, 66%, and color fox, 100%.

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