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This North-American fur-bearing animal was brought to Russia from Finland in the first half of the 20th century. Musk-rat acclimatized itself successfully and settled widely all over the country. Musk-rat.s outward appearance resembles that of a water-rat, however, musk-rat is bigger, and the body-length is 30 cm, its tail . 25 cm. Its brilliant fur is dark-, copper . and gold-brown on the spine and sides and lighter on the head and has somewhat rough top hair and thick and tender protective hair.

The animal lives on a vegetable diet - generally waterside plants . reeds, cane and sedge.

A musk-rat has a long breeding period, from March till July, but pregnancy lasts only 27 days, that.s why during one reproductive period a female can have 2-4 litters of 5-6 cubs.

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