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The area inhabited by this animal spreads to the Caucuses, Middle Asian and far-eastern parts of Russia. The Raccoon-.washer. was brought to Russia from North America in the mid 30s. This animal received such a name because of its habit of washing its prey thoroughly in water.

A raccoon.s body-length can reach up to 25-46 cm and tail-length to 20-25 cm. It has thick fur with soft brownish-black down, darker on the back and sides and lighter on the lower part of the body.

The raccoon is omnivorous. It can obtain food not only from the ground, but also from trees. It usually lives on insects and frogs, more seldom on lizards, mollusks, crayfish, turtles, rodents and snakes. Its vegetarian diet includes: berries, acorns, nuts, fruits, barley and corn.

The raccoon.s annual litter is 3-4 cubs, which the female conceives 63 days after the breeding period. At the age of three months the raccoon cubs are already adapted to independent life, which lasts for 10-12 years.

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