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European mink

European mink lives mainly in the European part of Russia. The fur coloring of this mink species is smooth; it is dark-brown with a noticeable lustre. The lips and two small spots on the neck and chest are white.

European mink.s body-length is 31-42 cm; the tail is 13-16 cm long, and its weight varies from 450 to 1100 grams. The males are usually bigger then the females and have a rougher build.

Mink are well adapted to a half-aquatic way of life: they swim and dive excellently and can swim a distance of 10-20 meters under water during which time its fur won.t become wet.

Its main habitats are small forest rivers and streams. Mink live in the flood-lands of big rivers and sometimes on big forest lakes.

This animal lives on almost everything that inhabits lakes and their surrounding: in winter mink feed on rodents, frogs and fish, in summer on lizards and small birds, their eggs and nestlings supplement the mink.s diet. Mink also eat crayfish, insects, mollusks and plants.

The European mink is partly insured against a reduction in its numbers, as the females of this species can have two litters in one reproductive period, which lasts from the end of March till the beginning of May. 42 days after fertilization the female gives birth to 7 cubs, which, at the age of 3 months have already reached adult-size and weight. The lifetime of this animal is 7-10 years.

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