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Siberian weasel

This ochre-yellow animal from the weasel family has a brown muzzle with a white chin and lives in Siberia, The Far East and The Republic of Komi. It commonly lives in forests, but quite often we can find it in a thicket of bushes, low places, and flood-lands of rivers and lakes.

The Siberian weasel.s body-length is 30-40 cm, the tail-length is 15-20 cm, and the weight is 600-700 grams.

This predator feeds on rodents, water-rats, fish, in summer it also eats berries, and in autumn cedar nuts.

The Siberian weasel quite often has two litters a year. In February-March it has its breeding-period, after which in 32-48 days about 12 cubs are born. The cubs leave their nest at the age of two months. They reach adult size by the age of four months. The lifetime of this animal is 8-10 years.

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