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This member of the small marten family changes its colouring abruptly dependently on the season. In summer its head and upper body is brown, but its chest and belly are yellowish-white. In winter the animal is completely white and only the tip of the tail is black. Weasels weigh about 200 g and their length, including the tail, is about 35 cm.

This animal lives almost everywhere in Russia, except of The Crimea, Tran Caucasus and the deserts of Middle Asia.

Weasel eats water rats and field mice and more seldom eats birds, frogs and lizards. Female weasels bare their unborn young for 9-10 months. The breeding period begins in the middle of summer and only by the next spring the female gives birth to up to 12 young. The lifetime of the weasel in the wild is 5-7 years.

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