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Other names for this animal are - marsh beaver, beaverlike rat, and coypu. Nutria is originally from South America, it was brought to Russia during the soviet time (1929) from Argentina.

These calm and simple animals can be tamed very quickly. At the age of 4-6 months nutrias have already begun to breed, giving birth to a litter of 5-6, or more rarely 10-15 cubs. The cubs grow slowly and become fully-grown only at 14-18 months old. This animal"s body-length is 50-60 cm and it weighs 56 kilos.

According to their coloring nutrias are divided into 5 groups: brown, white, beige, golden and black, in total about 30 colorings of these animals are known. Nutria fur is hard-wearing, warm and beautiful - collars, hats and mantles are made from it. Nutria"s top fur is considerably longer than down and has shine. Nutria"s nipped fur with removed top hair is similar to that of mink"s and is often used instead of mink.

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