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This close relative to the fox has a peculiar appearance: an elongated body on short legs covered with thick, long fur with soft down, moreover, the length of the protective hair on some parts of the body can reach 12 cm, which makes this animal look shaggy. The raccoon-dog was given this name because its coloring is much like that of raccoon.

Once a year female raccoon-dogs give birth to a litter of 6-8, more rarely 15-19 cubs. Until the age of 1.5 months the cubs live on their mother"s milk, and then they begin to eat additional feed. These animals are omnivorous, and this makes it easier to feed them.

These animals are very clean and even-tempered. They have one very funny habit: when they get into an inescapable situation, they pretend to be dead, by closing their eyes, relaxing and holding their breath.

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