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In nature there are several species of this animal, which belong to the dog family, in our country they are widely distributed across almost the entire territory, except some separate areas in the extreme north.

At fur farms they breed silver-black, platinum, snowy and red foxes, and more seldom - marble and tri-colour foxes.

A fox is a rather large animal, 63-70 centimeters lengthwise from head to tail. Foxes weight about 5-8 kilos and have long fur with soft down. The life expectancy is 12 years, but for breeding purposes foxes are kept only until 5-7 years.

Foxes breed once a year, bringing 5-6 and sometimes even 12-14 cubs. During their first 2-3 weeks the cubs live only on their mother"s milk and later foxes are given organic forages.

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