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There are polecats of two kinds: black (forest) and white (steppe). Black polecat resembles mink outwardly, but has longer fur and another colouring structure. Their general coloring with the pale-yellow down is black-brown, the sides of the neck, the throat, the breast, the stomach, pads and tail are coloured more extensively.

The snout and edges of the ears are whitish, the lips and chin are white and there is a white spot between the eyes. A male"s body length can reach 46 cm, a female"s - 39. The steppe polecat is somewhat bigger and differs from the forest polecat in its lightener buff-whitish colouring, moreover the tips of its body are darker.

A white albino-polecat also exists - furo, fretka or African polecat. This animal frequently surprises with its fertility, however in fur farming a cross-breed of an albino with a black polecat, is more often used. The cross-breed"s coloring is similar to that of a black polecat, but it has yellow down fur with different tints.

These animals are not fussy when it comes to food and living conditions, they are highly fertile and are not bad-tempered. These animals reach puberty at the age of 10-11 months and bear, on average, 10 cubs. Moreover, females are capable of conceiving 2 litters a year. Polecat"s life expectancy is 5 years.

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