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Blue fox

The winter downy fur and thick down of this typical arctic inhabitant have ideal warmth-retaining qualities.

In captivity it"s mostly blue fox that is bred which unlike its wild white counterpart is rarely seen in natural surroundings - on the Comandor and Pribilov islands. Blue fox"s body length varies from 58 to 70 centimeters, and their weight - from 4, 5 to 7 kilos, and males are usually lager than females. In spite of their short life expectancy - 8-10 years, on average blue foxes are used for breeding at about for 4 years of age. Blue foxes are very fertile; they begin to reproduce from 9-11 months, bringing a progeny of 8-10 cubs annually and not infrequently even more.

Blue foxes are divided in to three species: veiled, silver and shadow. The first have light-gray down, and their protective hair have pigmentary tips, which, rising above the down, give the appearance of a veil. The second have dark coloring with marked silverness and resemble silver-black foxes. Shadow (or pearly) foxes can have a coloring from light-blue to almost white.

The color scale of The Blue fox is considerably poorer than that of the mink or fox. Other colorings of artic foxes are sapphire, dark-beige and white (albino), these are produced as a result of artificial mutations.

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