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The Greek evening for the guests of the 163rd international fur-auction

On April 26 before starting the 163rd auction "Sojuzpushnina" organized a Greek evening for the buyers and fur-suppliers. The party took place in the Greek "Olive" tavern in an atmosphere reminiscent of traditional Greek holidays.

The evening was kicked off old customers of "Sojuzpushnina" from Greece - the president of the well-known Greek company "Zukas Broth." Stiven Zukas and the president of the "sable" company from New-York George Moshos. The famous singer Marina Kapuro and one of the most prestigious fur-designers, Irene Tancurina, were special guests at the party.

As part of the evening Klavdia Zavjalova"s boutique showed their new collection of furs called "Red zebra in the rainy season" (the creator of the collection is fashion artist Sasha Shadrina).

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