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The sable collection sold out at the 162nd international fur-auction

From January 25 till January 29 the "Sojuzpushnina EEA" OJSC held the 162nd international fur-auction in Saint-Petersburg. 140 customers from 14 countries took part in the auction. Total receipts for the 162nd fur-auction equalled $14 million. That is $4 million more than in January 2003 and it"s the best result at "Sojuzpushnina" auctions within the last ten years.

160 thousand sable pelts were put up for sale and were completely sold out due to high buyer-competition. The average price for sable furs, that are so important at the auctions held in Saint-Petersburg, was $67 per pelt which is $16 more than last year"s average. The demand for other kinds of furs (squirrel, weasel, Siberian striped weasel) was rather high.

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