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Presentation of the new auction hall

On December, 14th a presentation of the new auction hall of Sojuzpushnina was held.

The hall holds 144 persons. WiFi is provided. Everyone has an opportunity to watch the selling process on plazma display panels and to hear the voice of the auctioneer in every corner of auction zone.

All visitors of the 180th auction became the guests of the presentation.

During the presentation the guests gambled in a casino using special currency of Sojuzpushnina — banknotes for one hundred skins with motto ‘in fur we trust’. Than they could participate in fun-auction where 3 lots was auctioned off: a broker’s set (an apron, a pen, a tape measure and an ashtray with logo of Sojuzpushnina), a certificate for dinner in ‘Palkin’ restaurant and a trip by a retro soviet car ‘ЗИМ’.  

The lots went to Christos Kotsabokidis, Archie Kazakevich Кристос and Stuart Bewly.

At the end of event a banquet was given accompanied with jazz band. Carlo Guida gladdened all guest by his singing.  

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