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"Sojuzpushnina" organized a mini-football competition as part of the 162nd fur-auction

Football competitions for the guests at the auction are an old company tradition. While holding the 162nd international fur-auction "Sojuzpushnina" organized a mini-football contest. "The world-team" - comprising foreign customers, the Russian team (the team of Russian fur-dealers), the team of  "Sojuzpushnina EEA" OJSC and the KMF team (the Krasnoselskaya fur-factory) all took part. The KMF team played really well, almost like professionals. And it was this team which defeated the home team "Sojuzpushnina" in the final match. Among the players from KMF it was the director of the factory Andrey Kosteckiy who distinguished himself. "The world-team" managed to get 3rd place after winning the match against the team of Russian fur-dealers. Pieranzello Rossi, the striker for the foreign team, was declared the best striker of the contest.

All the participants in the competition agreed that victory in the contest was not the most important thing, but rather the establishment of informal and friendly relations between the fur-dealers from all over the world.

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