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The top-lot of the 161st auction was sold at the price of $ 200 per pelt

On December 8th - 10th the 161st international fur-auction took place at The Fur Palace. 70 buyers from 14 countries took part in the auction. Total receipts increased by 40% in comparison with the auction in December 2002 and equalled $4.2 million.

76% of the mink collection was sold at the auction; both the standard brown mink and different kinds of coloured mink were in great demand. Polar fox was removed from the auction due to poor market conditions.

The collection of 25 thousand skins captive bred sable pelts sold out. The top-lot of captive bred sable was sold at the price of $ 200 per pelt at the auction. The top-lot was purchased by the American broker S. Mehuten for a Greek company from Castory "Zukas Broth."

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