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The foreign economic association "Sojuzpushnina" has been privatised

Russian Federal Property Fund published the results of the special auction where the majority shareholding of "Sojuzpushnina EEA" OJSC was sold. 4.800.134 ordinary registered shares that had been owned by the State were auctioned; the cost of those shares was 1 rouble per a share (58, 3% of authorised capital).

The auction was won by "Jordan-Union" CJSC, "Antel-C" LLC, "Pushnina" CJSC, "Mobicol-Filtre" CJSC and by a certain number of individuals as well. Total proceeds from the sale of the shares amounted to 110 million roubles considering that the cost value of the block of shares was 26.230.000 roubles.

The company.s privatisation will provide additional funding for both the development of the auction and for special programmes aimed at introduction of Russian furs into the international market.

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